WHAT is Sexual Integrity?

Sexual Integrity is a personal, positive and pro-active life-style that empowers the recipient to make well informed decisions in sexual matters now and in the future.

Portland Lifeguard is a character-based program that can help you to set your goals, accomplish your dreams and become the person you want to be.

Portland Lifeguard will give you the self-confidence that you can and will be able to setup and maintain a personal plan of action in building healthy relationships.

Portland Lifeguard will affirm your determination to be a person of character and purpose.

WHY is there a need for Sexual Integrity?

The pursuit of Sexual Integrity will result in the following:

  • building, experiencing, maintaining healthy relationships
  • fulfillment of your personal goals and desires
  • a reputable character
  • wholeness after a broken heart
  • self-confidence to succeed
  • empowerment that you can control your life
  • pride in the accomplishment of your plans
  • preparation and maintenance of a successful marriage

The neglect of Sexual Integrity might result in one or more of the following:

  • an unplanned pregnancy
  • contemplation of an unwanted abortion
  • infertility
  • single parenting
  • the medical and emotional potential after effects of abortion
  • the medical and emotional potential effects of sexually transmitted infections and diseases
  • a tarnished reputation
  • depression, low self-esteem
  • a broken heart and spirit

Portland Lifeguard is a program designed with you in mind. We understand what you are facing and your desire to be a person YOU can look at in the mirror.

You are a person of value and worth. You can start today toward building a future that will make you proud.

Portland Lifeguard is here to help you reach your full potential.

WHO is Sexual Integrity for?

Sexual Integrity is designed for the following:

  • someone considering becoming sexually active
  • someone who is already sexually active on a limited basis
  • someone who is in an ongoing sexual relationship
  • someone who is considering marriage
  • someone who is in a married relationship
  • someone who has been sexually abused or misused

No matter what you’ve done with your body or what has been done to your body in the past, you can take control today and work toward a future of hope and promise. You are a person of value and you can have a healthy and satisfying lifestyle.

Portland Lifeguard courses are available to girls and women in the Greater Portland/Cumberland County area seeking to positively impact their futures by researching and modeling behavior that will fulfill their goals and dreams.




HOW do I get Sexual Integrity?

Sexuality is not just what we choose to do with our bodies, it is who we are. As women, we are created to love, to give life, and to be whole.

The key to Sexual Integrity is to have a plan that will allow you to feel good about yourself and have the power to fulfill your dreams. Following your plan for Sexual Integrity you can look forward to success in your relationships and the ability to make your dreams come true.

Planning your Sexual Integrity gives you an opportunity to evaluate your relationships and to take a close look at the possibility of marriage, broadening the vision you have of yourself, your children and your future.

A Sexual Integrity plan can help you to explore your strengths, to be encouraged to overcome weakness and to be introduced to a positive view of your sexuality.

To setup your plan for Sexual Integrity we can help you with some of the following resources:

  • Relationship and Personality Assessment tests
  • Literature that emphasizes healthy relationships
  • Numerous courses on sexual behavior and results
  • Accurate medical information
  • Support in keeping your Sexual Integrity plan on target

Contact us today to start your journey toward Sexual Integrity.

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